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BCMH (Bureau of Children With Mental Handicaps)

State funded program that assists children with Hydrocephalus led by a Public Health Nurse.  Program ensures medical needs are met and provides financial assistance in addition to child’s insurance.  Child must be seen at hospitals and by providers that accept BCMH, (many hospitals especially in north east Ohio accept this). 

BCMH Diagnostic: Most families despite income receive 6 months of BCMH service to assist with diagnosing Hydrocephalus (i.e.  MRI’s, blood work and specialist visits). You will be in touch with a public health nurse to help guide you. BCMH diagnostic does not financially assist with treatment such as surgery and therapies. 

BCMH Treatment: Continues after and/or during the 6 month diagnostic phase.  Public nurse will follow child and assess for unmet needs. This part of BCMH is income based but supports those families whose income limits do not qualify for Medicaid.    Families must re-apply annually for the BCMH treatment program.   A BCMH public nurse will also provide training to your child’s day care facility and/or school every 60 to 90 days on identifying shunt failure and precautions and limitations that must be maintained for your child in a care or school environment. 


For more information: 

1-800-755-4769 (Parents only)



Find a BCMH Provider: 

Bright Beginnings

Neuroplasticity ( the way brains can heal) is so great in the first 3 years of life.  This is a crucial time period in children’s lives who suffer from hydrocephalus and often have their first brain surgery.  BB is for children ages 0-3 with developmental delay and therapy need. In home therapy services are provided in addition to therapies at private facilities.   BB also assists with transition to preschool and ensure child’s therapy need are met. May self refer or be referred by pediatrician or specialist.

(800) 755-4769 

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