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Traveling with Hydrocephalus

Traveling while having hydrocephalus can be nerve racking due to the nature of the unknowns and the possibility of a shunt failure or complication.

Traveling can be done and most people with hydrocephalus have no restrictions flying.  Always check with your neurosurgeon first just incase you do have one of those rare restrictions.

Travel Check List:

  • Obtain shunt card from neurosurgeon.  This identifies make and manufacturer of shunt,  location of shunt, current shunt setting, and dates of surgeries and reprogramming.

  • Know your medical history.  If it helps write it down, save it in your phone.

  • Know the nearest reputable hospital incase of failure or complication, you do not want to have to figure this out in an emergency 

  • Carry last MRI image on a disc.  This can be obtained from your hospital’s radiology department.  This is important information for your medical team during any medical situation.  This allows the medical team to know what your ventricles look like at a baseline.

  • Enjoy!  Living with hydrocephalus can be stressful but with some extra steps you can relax and enjoy your travel.

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